Oranga Tamariki
Action Plan

Six agencies working together to improve the lives of children, young people
and families with the greatest needs.

The Oranga Tamariki Action Plan is a commitment from government agencies to collaborate and deliver better outcomes for children and young people in Aotearoa with the greatest needs. 

The Action Plan will enable a different experience for these children, young people, their families and whānau when working with agencies, as well as the social workers and other front-line staff who support them. 

Find out more about the Oranga Tamariki Action Plan

Find out more about the Oranga Tamariki Action Plan


Duration: 1:10

Speaker 1: We want Aotearoa to be the best place in the world for tamariki and rangatahi.

Speaker 2: To do this, we need to meet the needs and wellbeing of the children and young people with the greatest needs. Everyone has a role to play in supporting and upholding the mana and oranga of tamariki, the wellbeing of children.

Speaker 3: For government organisations, this means working together in effective ways to provide the right supports for whānau and communities.

Speaker 1: Those government organisations have made a promise to do just that by signing on to the Oranga Tamariki Action Plan.

Speaker 4: There are children, young people, families and whānau who need help and haven't been getting what they need when they need it.

Speaker 5: That could be a warm safe home, a visit to the dentist, or some help with school.

Speaker 2: This is a practical commitment to help the families who need it most.

Speaker 6: We all have a role to play.

Speaker 4: For the wellbeing of tamariki and their whānau.

Speaker 5: What will be yours?